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    China to Boost Bioeconomy Through Innovation

    Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-05-25 15:20:15 | Author: ZHONG Jianli

    Weiming Biomedical Industrial Park (Phase I) in Hefei city, east China's Anhui province. (PHOTO: VCG)

    By ZHONG Jianli

    The first-ever five-year plan for the development of the bioeconomy has been unveiled by China's top economic planner, aiming to accelerate the development of biotechnology and industries, with focuses on healthcare, food supply and low-carbon growth.

    According to the plan released by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China's bioeconomy industries are expected to grow to a new level before 2025, with the proportion of the bioeconomy's added value in GDP experiencing stable growth, and the number of bioeconomy enterprises with an annual revenue of over 10 billion RMB increasing greatly.

    "We will strive to reach 22 trillion RMB in China's bioeconomy by 2025, so that bioeconomy will become a strong driving force for high-quality development of China's economy," said Bai Jingyu, director of NDRC's Center for Innovation-driven Development.

    The NDRC has identified four key areas to develop the bioeconomy, that is, bio-medicine, bio-agriculture, bio-fuel and bio-information.

    It points out that innovation plays a fundamental role in promoting bioeconomy development.

    Thus, it is necessary for the country to strengthen original and pioneering basic research on bio-technologies, and carry out major national sci-tech projects in frontier areas such as clinical medicine and health management, new drug discovery, brain science, synthetic biology, biological breeding, and prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases.

    Furthermore, the plan calls for speeding up the development of high-throughput gene sequencing technology, to improve the efficiency of gene sequencing and reduce costs. Gene diagnosis and treatment, stem and immune cell therapies, biocomputing, and DNA storage technologies will also be encouraged.

    In such key fields as biomedicine, bio-agriculture and bio-manufacturing, enterprises should enhance their innovation capabilities in more specific areas, and cultivate themselves into industry leaders with global competitiveness. Large enterprises should be supported to take the lead in building innovation platforms including industrial innovation centers, technological innovation centers as well as manufacturing innovation centers.

    The NDRC says that China has good foundations for developing the bioeconomy, but challenges in innovation still exist. The original innovation capacity of the bioindustry is relatively weak, and the system for the protection, development and utilization of biological resources is not yet complete.

    To further boost China's bioeconomy development, the plan stresses the importance of promoting international cooperation to bring together innovative biological resources from around the world.

    In terms of deepening global cooperation in biomedicine innovation, Wang Xuegong, vice president of China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Association, suggested encouraging foreign enterprises to set up R&D centers and innovative drugs production bases in China, and supporting high-level Chinese talent abroad to come back to China to pursue their careers. Moreover, Chinese enterprises could establish their R&D centers, production bases and marketing networks overseas, so as to build up their operation ability in the international market.

    Editor: 鐘建麗

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